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Coin-Operated Press (she/her)

Coin-Operated Press is an artist-led organisation established in 2020. We are based in Scotland and run by zine-makers Katie Mayes and Chloe Henderson. We host workshops, run zine fairs, create educational online content, produce, publish, and distribute our own collaborative zines.


The Troll Flayers zine introduces you to the world of DnD through the eyes of three new players, and one fantastic Dungeon Master!


Read the story of the adventure so far, featuring delightful artwork, short stories, and personal essays.


I Don't Like Green Food is a vegan guide and recipe book for vegans who don't like kale!


Inside you will find out how to make the most delicious fried "chicken", the creamiest mac n "cheese" and more! There is also a fun FAQ - questions most frequently asked by non-vegans, and the best vegan and environmentally friendly products for the household. And SO MUCH MORE!


This zine is printed in full colour, on 100% recycled 170gsm paper, and stapled to finish as an A5 32-page zine. Recycled paper saves trees, and also saves more than 70% of the energy and water used in traditional paper production. It's wonderful!

I Don't Like Green Food: A Vegan Junk Food Zine  
The Troll Flayers: A Dungeons & Dragons Zine

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